Falcon Dental is a Dental Laboratory in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We bring 29 years of Experience and European Craftsmanship to your Dentist's Chair and We Guarantee the Utmost in Quality Products and Services to Dentists Worldwide.

        Our Precision-Made, High-Quality Products ...

are made using state of the art materials and crafted with precision and care by Mark Mumme, R.D.T.

Mark shapes all his work with the knowledge and skill that comes from 35 years of experience.

Mark was originally trained as a dental technician in Germany but has honed his skills in Canada for the past 30 years.

Mark is so sure of his work that he guarantees all of his products in full.

There is simply no room for inferior quality, despite the highly competitive pricing that Falcon Dental offers.

Contact Mark directly for full pricing details.

Falcon Dental offers the full range of Argen© Gold Alloys, from Low Gold to High Noble. The Porcelain Mark uses comes directly from Dentsply© / Ceramco©.

Those two names spell quality to anyone who knows quality.

The Ceramco© Porcelain (which is mined and produced in Canada) produces dental restorations with consistent shading and aesthetics.

Duceragold Kiss Porcelain shows the best results in build up and staining technique and produces low wear on the opposing teeth.

Therefore, restorations show a very clear and natural imitation of a real tooth. 

With this system, we can continue providing our clients with metal based crowns and bridges, fused with Low Fusing Porcelains. We also offer IC Ceramco All Ceramic, E.Max and Zirconium Crowns and other Ceramic Restorations.

Implants are replacing more and more Dentures and Cast partials these days.
Mark Mumme, RDT
We have thus focussed our technical expertise in these implants to keep up with the ever changing and improving materials used in dental implants.

This ensures that we can deliver the upmost quality in any Implant case.

Our bridges and Maryland bridges are available with Pors-on-4, palladium noble alloy for maximum quality, which is approved by the Canadian Dental Association.

Service is very important at Falcon Dental Laboratory. Cases are always double checked before packing, and pick-up and delivery is always on time, even world wide.


A Technician is always available to answer any questions you may have. Just click on the 'Contact Us' at the bottom of this page.


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